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Dental Facebook Ads

Dental Facebook Ads

The most powerful advertising program that has ever existed!


  • Cost Effective Advertising: Spend less than $10/patient for each new patient in your office.
  • Reach the Right People: Show your ads based on age, gender, location and/or interests. Looking for women between 40-60 years old that live within 10 miles of your practice and have expressed an interest in dental implants? DONE.
  • Huge Audience: Over 1.7 billion people are on Facebook, that includes most everyone near you.
  • Automatic Automation: We set up automatic replies to your visitors’ clicks, providing instant followup.
  • Let Us Work for You: After our initial setup consultation, we deliver new patients directly to your door. And you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Only $995 /month


$1,995 $995 One Time Setup Fee